Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well here it is, the pilot of my new blog.  So much has been happening I decided to chronicle it, even if I'm the only one that reads it!
2 months ago (almost) we were blessed with our baby daughter Anaya and nothing really has gone the way I thought since. She is everything I could hope for and nothing like what I expected. Its funny because I remember saying that by 2 months she would be in her own room since I would be going back to work...shows how naiive I really am. She is currently sleeping in my bed, wont even sleep in a bassinet right beside us let alone a crib in a different room!!
That experience with many others has taught me my first parenting lesson, and probably the most important one...go with the flow and do what your baby needs. I have a houseful of baby paraphenalia and all I really need is my boppy, baby wrap and an exercise ball.  However that said I will be going back to work next week and our life as we know it will all change. Anaya will take a bottle and I will pump while I'm away from her, I have faith in who we chose to take care of her but my heart breaks to know that someone else will bounce her, wrap her and sing "winnie the pooh" to her (the only song I have found that calms her)
I will ache in my absence from her and I hope that she will continue to want to nurse when I'm with her because I know I'll need it, for now it is my connection to her and the thing that I can do for her that nobody else can.
That said I am writing this while she falls asleep favorite thing, hopefully it will stay her favorite thing too.

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