Saturday, December 3, 2011

better at blogging

well I sure did wait a long time after the pilot to do the next episode, I guess this is what happens sometimes, they say you have to do something 30 times to form a habit, so I guess I'll be blogging a lot before it becomes habit for me to blog about things!
now that we are in the holiday season I suppose its natural to look around at your house and think about the upcoming christmas activities, except instead I looked around my house and heard a big wuah my head of course. Seriously where did we acquire so much stuff and how did it pile itself up so quickly?!? I picture my house being like a house on pinterest, everything perfectly placed, pretty colors and labels with a home for everything so nothing is out of place...cue the wuah wuah noise again. Instead I have a home for nothing and everything sits in piles everywhere, we are only 2 people and a baby and we have way to much stuff. So in this holiday season I'm thinking why people don't do more homemade gifts anymore, can we not take the time, is it faster/easier to go to the store and buy things for people? I'm guilty of this as much as the next person as I am not a maker or things, but maybe I should be? After all we have a lot of stuff, and I could not begin to tell you who gave us what, but the special things, the things that were made for us...I can definitely tell you who gave them to us. So am I going to go out and make all my christmas presents this year? I wish, but I do think maybe I will start looking at stuff in a different way, and maybe its time for an overhaul of this home...but thats a topic for the next blog.

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